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Meet our Founder...

What began as a childhood dream to help others transform the quality of their lives has grown into Mario's lifelong adventure as he is called on by individuals from all walks of life: political leaders, social activists, CEOs of corporations, and "average" people...

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Mario Santos is the President & Founder of Santronics inc, which he established in 1996.  As a practicing electronics professional and technical training consultant, he has been involved with electronics-related industries for nearly forty years. On two continents, he has had the privilege of offering his expertise to government agencies, small and large corporations, and the general public, in a wide variety of fields including industrial machinery, public transportation, consumer/commercial audio and video equipment, the automobile industry, and residential electrical and electronic systems, to name just a few sectors.


While he loves high-tech machines, people are his true passion! Through his educational materials, live speaking engagements, courses, seminars, and other live events, Mario has had the opportunity to directly or indirectly impact the lives of thousands people  in the United States, Europe, and Latin America. 

For his work through the Angel Lucy Wellness Project, in 2009, Mario Santos was  nominated for the NJ Governor’s "hero” program.  In 2010, and again in 2015, he received a commendation from the city of Newark for his humanitarian work to benefit cancer patients and their families and for his support to other causes and community projects.  

For his professional or community-related endeavors, Mario Santos work has been featured in various newspapers including The Star-ledger, The Luso-Americano (the largest Portuguese language paper in the U.S.), The Brazilian Voice, 24 Horas, The Portugal Times, and The Observer.  He has also been a guest on multiple local radio and  television programs.  On three separate occasions, his work with and on behalf of cancer patients/survivors was featured on RTPi, the largest Portuguese language television channel in the United States.  

Through the years, he has also received recognition and appreciation from multiple cultural associations and other non-profit organizations.  

"A good man!  A true humanitarian!  Mario is always ready to help and contribute to various causes and community activities.  We need more people like him..."

Councilman Augusto Amador

East Ward, City of Newark, NJ

The Angel Lucy Wellness Project is a free community-based project sponsored and funded by Santronics Inc. This Project was created in honor and memory of his beloved wife. The mission of the Project is to help cancer patients and their families by providing information, financial and emotional support, and by developing and/or introducing activities that lead to an improvement in the quality of life of cancer patients and/or their families. There are no paid employees involved in this project, only volunteers. Click here to visit the Project's website for more details.

"After 30 years of medical practice, Mario is the only husband I know who has done something like this.  I hope that all of you present at this event today have husbands and wives that would do the same for you... "

Dr. Eugene Joseph Lind,

M.D., P.A., Newark, NJ


In his continued efforts to facilitate the development and implementation of empowering personal and professional educational activities in the U.S. and abroad, Mario Santos is a dynamic inspirational speaker sharing his professional insights and personal experience with cancer. Thousands of people have attended his seminars/speaking engagements. 

If you need a guest speaker for your next event or social function, Mario Santos is available to speak at your event regarding jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities in high-tech industries, and his personal experience and journey dealing with cancer.  To discuss your particular needs Contact Us.


A highly respected and recognized innovator for developing systems and strategies for accelerated technical training, for more than 20 years Mario Santos has been sought after for his results-oriented approach to today’s high-tech training challenges.  Among many other organizations, the NJ Highway Authority, the NJ Turnpike Authority, Union County College (NJ), Middlesex County College (NJ), the U.S. Postal Service, AK Stamping Inc., NJ door works Inc., Lohmann Therapy Systems, General Motors, Anadigics Inc., NJ Transit, Schering-Plough Corp., Bender Electric, Alpharma Pharmaceuticals, Guitar Center, Verizon Wireless, Jerome Industries, and Inter Bake Food, to name just a few, all have directly or indirectly benefited from his expertise as an electronics professional and/or technical trainer.


Mario Santos has lived and studied in Europe and the United States.  He is fluent in Portuguese, French, Spanish and English.  In addition to his many commitments as a business owner and technical training consultant, as the Director  for the Angel Lucy Wellness Project, Mario is increasingly involved in his and other communities throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Professionally, in addition to nearly forty years of field experience, he holds a degree in Electronics Engineering. He is also certified in the maintenance and installation of fiber optic systems and, through the years, has held membership with IREC (Interstate Renewable Energy Council) and AAACE (American Association for Adult and Continuing Education).  He has also been a professional member of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and several professional technical societies including the following: The Circuits and Systems Society, the Consumer Electronics Society, the Control Systems Society, The Industrial Electronics Society, the Photonics Society, the Power Electronics Society, the Robotics and Automation Society, and the Vehicular Technology Society.

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