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Welcome to The Technology Garden!

--- Inspiring positive change through an entertaining educational experience ---

Dear visitor,


Through the years, as a technical trainer, it has been my great honor and privilege to have had the opportunity to create and teach technical courses to both the general public and the business community.  I have loved every moment!  Thank you to all my former students for challenging me, for learning with me, for continually inspiring me to create new courses, workshops, and seminars.


Thousands of students later, inevitably, during or at the end of a course, many participants have often suggested “Mario, you should have an educational show on TV”.  So, in a sense, the idea for this weekly video podcast  has been bouncing around in my head for few years.  With the increase use of the internet and easy access to popular social media outlets like YouTube, I think the time has come for me to do what my students have been asking me to do for years… Hence the creation of “The Technology Garden”! 


My overall goal for creating this video podcast can be summed up in two words: entertain and educate!  My hope is that viewers apply the practical project ideas that I will be presenting in their own lives and, maybe, even be inspired to consider electronics as a possible career for themselves or their  loved-ones.


I invite you to watch, to comment, and to make suggestions for topics.  Most importantly, I invite you TO DO, TO TRY, AND TO APPLY for yourself the topics and projects discussed in the show.


See you in the Garden! 

Mario Santos, President & Founder

Santronics Inc

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