Working with MIDDLESEX COUNTY COLLEGE (NJ), BROOKDALE COMMUNITY COLLEGE (NJ), and online educational platforms, we prepare individuals for good high-tech jobs and/or business ownership. Thousands of individuals have successfully completed our in-person training programs in the past 20 years! 


As society and industry adapt to the changes resulting from the covid-19/Corona virus pandemic,  we have also been working diligently making adjustments so that you can now get IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME the same training we have been providing in-person to our business clients and the general public.

For the past two decades, each program was offered to small groups and structured to be completed in just 12 weeks of focused, practical, hands-on technical training. Beginning in 2021, instead of having a group start date, YOU will be able to start when YOU are ready to start. Each program can still be completed in just 12 weeks (3 months), if you are able to commit 5 hours per day to you training, as was required for our in-person training sessions.  If your current lifestyle doesn't allow such an aggressive schedule, no worries! You can  complete your selected program in 24 weeks (6 months) to 36 weeks (9 months) of instructor-guided, focused, realistic, hands-on learning. Whatever timeline works best for you, the content and the cost remains the same!

  • YOU NEED internet access.

  • YOU NEED a laptop or desktop computer.

  • YOU DON'T NEED to drive to a school to learn.​

  • YOU DON'T NEED any prior work experience in the field to register.

  • YOU DON'T NEED any prior technical education to register.

  • EACH PROGRAM requires the completion of several courses/modules, taken in the proper order.

  • YOU CAN register and pay as you go for one course/module at a time.

  • GRADING uses standard U.S. grading system (A, B, etc...)

  • PASSING GRADING is a C for written tests and practical hands-on assignments/projects.

  • YOU RECEIVE YOUR CERTIFICATE directly from an accredited U.S. college, upon providing the college staff all additional personal information required by state/federal U.S. laws, and written confirmation from us that you successfully completed all the required courses/modules for your selected program.

  • YOU CAN register for any course/module of interest to you, for your personal enrichment or professional development, without having to complete any program. However, be mindful that certificates are issued only when completing all the requirement for your selected program. 

  • WE SHIP everything you need to complete your hands-on assignments (tools, hardware, parts, test equipment, etc...).